EHR Implementers

√ EHR Readiness

Electronic Health Record (EHR) readiness involves elements related to your electronic health record (EHR) software, its implementation in the specific healthcare setting, the ability to send the Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR), and the ability to receive and process a Reportability Response (RR) coming back.

  • Your EHR vendor and/or healthcare technical staff will download and update an Electronic Reporting and Surveillance Distribution (eRSD) (including RCTC) from public health that will guide the EHR when and how to send reports. (For more technical information on triggering, please visit the EHR Implementer - EHR Triggering page or visit eRSD page here)

  • The EHR needs to be able to trigger the transmission of eICRs (For more technical information on triggering, please visit the EHR Triggering page, and the Trigger Testing package)

  • The EHR should be able to create the all-condition, all-jurisdiction eICR in accordance with the standard (For more technical information on the eICR, please visit the eICR Creation, Validation, and Standards, and eICR Testing package)

  • The EHR should be able to receive and process a RR for each eICR that you send. (For more technical information on the RR, please visit the Reportability Response Receipt and Use page, and RR Testing package)

√ Communicating Intent 

When you are moving forward with electronic case reporting (eCR), the clinical care organization will need to communicate intent to participate to your state public health agency (PHA) (For more information on communicating intent, please visit the Healthcare Provider Connectivity page)  as well as communicate with the eCR Support Team by contacting the eCR general information desk

√ Planning Connectivity

Establish technical connectivity through a direct connection to the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Informatics Messaging Services (AIMS) platform or through a Health Information Exchange (HIE) or Health Information Network (HIN). Which approach is used may depend on policy and membership issues. (For more technical information on connectivity, please visit the eCR Exchange and Transport page, and Connection Testing package).

√ Onboarding and Production

When the previous readiness and implementation steps and testing have been completed you are ready to move into production.

When you are ready to onboard, please submit a helpdesk ticket with the eCR Support Team by emailing and include “eCR” in the subject line to ensure proper triage and routing. Depending on your method of connectivity, there may be other endpoint information that needs to be shared as well. (More about Technical Connection).

Please contact the eCR general information desk with any questions that you may have about the process.