Healthcare - Conduct Testing 

Reference the below steps to guide your testing. Additionally, your EHR company representative may make supplemental eCR testing materials available to you. 

eICR Creation

These tests seek to confirm that electronic initial case reports (eICRs) generated by electronic health record (EHR) systems are correctly constructed, populated with standard codes, and conform to the standard specification. The test package instructions outline the available resources for testing the eICR creation process. These resources apply to both new development and implementation of electronic case reporting (eCR) features within an existing EHR system. Learn more about eICR creation on the EHR Implementers - eICR Creation, Validation, & Standards page.

          Download the eICR Test Package (file download)


The purpose of these tests is to confirm that eICRs are triggered correctly based on trigger code value sets (Reportable Conditions Trigger Codes (RCTC)) found in the Electronic Reporting and Surveillance Distribution (eRSD). This test suite is focused specifically on triggering, and not eICR creation or delivery. Note that these tests are limited to trigger code matching and exclude any functionality related to timing of triggering and/or eICR creation. Learn more about triggering on the EHR Implementers - EHR Triggering page.  

          Download the Triggering Test Package (file download)

RR Processing

The purpose of this test package to confirm which Reportability Responses (RRs) have reportable, may be reportable, not reportable, or no rule met eICRs. “Reportable” and “may be reportable” should be attached to the patient chart, placed in the appropriate provider/support staff work queue, or communicated to them through some other internal EHR communications. However, when an eICR does not meet reporting requirements, providers should not be burdened with those RRs at all. The “not reportable” and “no rule met” RRs are for only the EHR system administrators to use to confirm that reporting is functioning and to be notified of errors and warnings. Learn more about the RR on the EHR Implementers - Reportability Response Receipt & Use page.  

          Download the RR Test Package (file download) 

Connection Testing

“This test builds on the testing identified above. This test requires the sending healthcare facility to include an address for its location to properly test rules based on provider location. This test package should be started after the previous test packages have been successfully completed. (Personally identifiable information should still not be included in this testing step).  Information on facility and patient data requirements, as well as potential RR examples, are provided. Learn more about AIMS connectivity on the EHR Implementers - eCR Exchange and Transport page. 

          Download the Connection Test Package (file download) 

End-to-End Content Testing

When all of the test suites have been successfully completed, onboarding healthcare organizations then proceed to content testing with the public health agency in their jurisdiction. Requirements and processes may vary by jurisdiction.

          Download the End-to-End Content Test Package (file download)

COVID-19 Samples

This test package contains sample eICR and RR messages for five COVID-19 scenarios, including HTML and XML files for each. The test files are labeled based on what they would have triggered on – problem/observation, diagnosis, lab order, lab test negative, and lab test positive.

          Download the COVID-19 Test Package (file download)