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Public Health Agencies - Test Package and Resources

Rendering Testing

This test package provides instructions for rendering XML electronic case reporting (eCR) documents into human-readable HTML for use by surveillance personnel, as well as samples to compare against. HTML rendering is used primarily for out-of-jurisdiction eCR connections, prior to integration with public health agency (PHA) surveillance systems.

         Download the Rendering Test Package (file download) 

Surveillance Integration Testing

The purpose of this test package is to confirm that electronic initial case reports (eICR) and Reportability Reponses (RRs) are correctly ingested and routed into PHA surveillance system(s). PHA partners can use this test package throughout the integration process. It includes various eICR/RR samples designed to test routing, deduplication and case creation, and data mapping.

         Download the Surveillance Integration Test Package (file download)

COVID-19 Samples

This test package contains sample eICR and RR messages for five COVID-19 scenarios, including HTML and XML files for each. The test files are labeled based on what they would have triggered on – problem/observation, diagnosis, lab order, lab test negative, and lab test positive.

          Download the COVID-19 Test Package (file download)